Can I call Titan Sales Team if I want to place an order using BREAD as a mode of payment?

I'm sorry, but BREAD financing is not available through our SALES Tea, at this time. However, you may explore our financing page for other options. 


"I've already received a charge from BREAD but my order has not yet shipped?"

If you've ordered an item that's on back order and used BREAD to finance the purchase, please note that you'll receive the first bill even if the item hasn't shipped yet. It's important to remember that orders are charged upfront, just like any other purchase.


The customer encountered an issue when they were placing an order online/checking out.

Our Support can check if the order successfully had gone through, if not, then you may reorder the item/s on the website. You can contact our Support here.


Get in touch with BREAD's support team
Bread's customer service is available Mon - Fri:

8am - 8pm ET | Sat - Sun: 10am - 6pm ET

(844) 992-7323

Additional Information:

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